The Warner Firm
The Warner Firm is a New York City-based law firm for creatives, entertainers, and innovators.

Why the Firm?

The Warner Firm provides legal services in the areas of copyright law, trademark law, business formation, business operations, employment law, and internet law to creatives, entertainers, and innovators.

Why the warner firm?

What I Offer

I offer intellectual property, business, employment, and internet legal services to individuals, startups, and growth companies in creative, entertainment, and innovative fields.  I provide seamless and efficient service to people and emerging companies who understand the importance of being aware of legal and business issues, but would rather spend their energies expressing and developing their craft.  These clients prefer to hire an experienced professional to deal with these complex matters.

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Who My Clients Are

My clients are individuals and companies in the following areas:

Lifestyle Branding
Digital Media
Graphic Design

Benefits of Working with Me

I come from a background of fashion retail and entertainment production, so not only do I possess an appreciation for all things creative, I am also familiar with the fear and uncertainty that can accompany such tasks such as negotiating a contract for a commissioned work or selecting an entity for a new business.  Due to my experience in the non-legal areas of the industries I serve, I am able to anticipate legal issues that may arise, speak industry language, and enable my clients to put their best business foot forward.