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copyright registration; copyright infringement; trademark registration; trademark infringement; independent contractor agreement; breach of contract; privacy policy; website terms and conditions; payment dispute; data privacy; collaboration agreement




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Intellectual Property

  • Advised film production company on clearance rights for popular network television show
  • Represented songwriters, performing artists, and record label owners in securing royalties for mechanical, synchronization, public performance, and master recording licenses
  • Successfully secured service mark for fashion company
  • Represent cultural arts organization in trademark cancellation proceeding
  • Gave legal guidance to fashion company on license agreement for television show
  • Counseled painter on fair use concerns regarding use of photographs in work
  • Provided artist with copyright infringement prevention plan against online art gallery


  • Negotiated and advised on art gallery consignment agreement for artist
  • Drafted partnership agreement for graphic design company
  • Wrote contract for fashion designer for design services
  • Successfully represented fashion company in breach of contract dispute with photographer
  • Drafted services contract and provide legal advisory services for event planner 
  • Successfully represented photographer in retrieving photographs from gallery
  • Reviewed, counseled on, and negotiated agent representation agreement for illustrator
  • Advised songwriter on collaboration agreement, including copyright ownership, publishing, licensing, and royalties

© 2016 Two Twenty

© 2016 Two Twenty


  • Advised film production company on employment-related matters for film crew and obtained necessary rights transfers
  • Counseled on and drafted independent contractor agreement between fashion design consultant and non-profit organization
  • Represented intern in payment dispute with former employer
  • Reviewed and advised on employment, non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements for media sales representative
  • Wrote and advised on consultant agreement for screenwriter
  • Represent independent contractor in breach of contract dispute with former employer


  • Advised lifestyle brand on startup matters, including copyright, data privacy, and liability concerns
  • Wrote legal sections of freelance guide for e-commerce startup
  • Successfully represented illustrator in copyright dispute over mobile app
  • Review contracts for startup company providing marketplace services online
  • Enforced illustrator's copyright ownership against infringers on social media
  • Wrote terms of service for web-based startup company
  • Drafted privacy policy for fashion e-commerce company